Top 10 most popular gift cards for men

22 March 2024

Gift cards are one of the most popular gifts to give to men. With it they can make their own choices and find the brands and items that suit their life, hobbies, and personal style. Gift cards are available in abundance. From Choice Gift Cards and gift cards of a specific brand to gift cards for a spectacular event or a weekend getaway.

With gift cards you can find a suitable gift for every man and every occasion. In this blog we share with you our top 10 most popular gift cards for men.

Top 10 best gift cards for men

Are you looking for the best gift cards to surprise your favourite men with? We will provide you with the best gift cards for men in our top 10 categories:

1 Electronics & Gadget Gift Cards
2 Fashion Gift Cards
3 Sports & Outdoor Gift Cards
4 Day Trips Gift Cards
5 Restaurant Gift Cards
6 DIY Gift Cards
7 Entertainment Gift Cards
8 Car and Motor Sports Gift Cards
9 Cultural Events Gift Cards
10 Travel & Vacation Gift Cards

So not to worry, with a little bit of our help you will surely find the best gift card for men!

Electronics & Gadget Gift Cards

Is he always busying with the latest smartphone, wireless gadgets or does he spend most of his time off with his PlayStation, then a gift card for Electronics & Gadgets makes for a great gift. These gift cards give him the chance to choose his own favourite technological gadgets.

Does he have a new device on his gadget wish list, or is he looking for the best smartwatch? Then a gift card like the Argos gift card is just what he needs. Whatever the choice will be, a new tech device or a game, it’ll surely make him happy!

Fashion Gift Cards

Fashion Gift Cards are always a popular choice. No wonder because we all need clothes. And we all have a different style and preference. Perhaps the man in your life enjoys dressing casually, or perhaps he has more trainers than you do, whatever fashion items he likes best, with a fashion gift card he’ll be able to complement his wardrobe.

With H&M a  for example. Or choose an All-in-1 Gift Card for Fashion so he can choose from even more brands. One thing’s for sure, he’ll be looking smashing!

Sports & Outdoor Gift Cards

Does the man in your life spend more time outdoors than indoors, or is he always trying out new sports? Then a gift card that he can use to buy his favourite sports clothes and shoes, or a gift card that buys him the things he needs for a new outdoor adventure will be a winner.

Think of a Nike gift card or a gift card for the latest camping gear. No matter if he enjoys hiking or cycling, or perhaps camping. With the Sports & Outdoor Gift Cards he will be able to fully indulge in his passion for outdoor activities.

Day Trip Gift Cards

Getting away from the hustle and bustle with a day trip. Perfect if the man in your life adores being out and about. Gift him with a day trip gift card. With the Inspire Staycation gift card for example, he can choose from a wide range of experiences and day trips.

Whether he enjoys adrenaline-pumping rides in a theme park, admiring art in a museum, a guided tour of his favourite football stadium or an afternoon of driving go-karts, with a day trip gift card he can choose exactly what he needs for a fun day out!


Restaurant Gift Cards

Dining out is the perfect opportunity to relax, catch up and enjoy good food. Would you like to treat him to a lovely meal, then why not choose a restaurant gift card. No matter if he likes visiting a top-class restaurant or if he’s the person who loves ordering take-out: there is a gift card that fits his preference.

Restaurant gift cards can be redeemed at a variety of restaurants and eateries. Chinese food, classid Italian food at Prezzo, fine dining, a daily dish at the local pub or the best Kebab in town, with these gift cards, the options are abundant!

DIY Gift Cards

Does the man in your life enjoy working with his hands or is he always busy creating things and indulging in his creative hobbies? Then a DIY (do it yourself) gift card is the perfect gift! These gift cards offer him the chance to engage in new projects and immerse himself in his hobbies.

These DIY gift cards are extra personal as they are tailored to his interests and passion. Whether he is looking  to expand his home improvement projects with IKEA, or always seeking new colours and tools for his art projects, he will no doubt appreciate this thoughtful and personal gift card!

Entertainment Gift Cards

Work hard, play hard! After a hard day’s work it’s great to go out and about and unwind. For the man who is always busy working or for the man who’s always up for a fun getaway, an entertainment gift card makes for a great gift.

With it he can choose how to enjoy his time off. A concert of his favourite artist with Ticketmaster, a festival for a weekend of music and fun? Or perhaps he would like to stay indoors and start an online gaming competition. These are only a few of the options you can give him with gift cards for entertainment.

Car & motor sports gift cards

For men who are passionate about car & motor sports, who are always busy with their car on their days off or perhaps even call their car the love of their lives, these gift cards are like a gateway to heaven!

Has he always wanted to drive a Ferrari, then with the Virgin Experience Days gift card he can. Perhaps he would like to visit a racetrack to support his favourite driver or team, then surprise him with one of these gift cards. With it he can indulge in his love for cars or motorcycles and have the time of his life. A ticket to watch or a ticket to ride? No matter what he chooses, these gift cards will bring a huge smile to his face, and yours!

Cultural Events Gift Cards

Cultural events gift cards open up a world of experiences, inviting him to revel in the vibrant world of arts, music, theatre, and more. From mesmerizing performances to thought-provoking exhibitions of his favourite artists. Or perhaps he’s into dynamic cultural festivals?

A great example of such a gift card is the Theatre Tokens gift Card, but no matter what his preference is, all cultural events gift cards allow the happy receiver to enjoy himself to the fullest, whatever their interests or passion might be. The perfect gift for every culture lover who’s always looking for new inspiration!

Travel and Vacation Gift Cards

Are you seeking a gift for a true globetrotter or perhaps for your nephew who’s about to embark on his first-ever vacation, then a Travel and Vacation Gift Card is the go-to choice. With boundless flexibility and adventure, these gift cards open the door to once-in-a-lifetime vacations, weekend breaks and travel adventures to destinations of his preference.

Whether it's exploring faraway lands or simply unwinding in a countryside hotel with the Hotel Gift Card, with the Travel and Vacation gift cards you gift him the ultimate freedom to choose and to create lasting memories.

Gift cards are the perfect solution if you’re seeking a gift for the man in your life. From cultural enthusiasts to adventure-seekers, these versatile gift vouchers offer men an abundance of choice. Whether it's cultural events or thrilling travel adventures, visiting racetracks, starting a new DIY project, or scoring the latest gadgets, the options are endless.

So next time you're pondering the perfect gift for him, consider the convenience and flexibility of gift cards. No doubt you’ll bring a guaranteed smile to his face! Thanks for reading our blog with top gift cards for men  Be sure to keep an eye on our website and stay tuned for more inspiring gift ideas. Happy gifting!