JD Sports Gift Card

JD Sports Gift Card

  • Can be redeemed online and in-store

  • Valid for one year after activation

  • JD Sports gift cards make shopping for active gifts hassle-free

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A JD Sports Gift Card is the perfect present for an active family member or friend. Not sure which sports equipment or clothing someone would like for their birthday? Give them a JD Sports voucher and let them choose from the vast range of sports clothes and accessories. Does your son love running, your boyfriend enjoy cycling or your mum play tennis? They can choose their favourite Nike trainers, a North Face t-shirt or an Adidas tennis dress using their JD Sports gift voucher. 

Frequently asked questions

How to use the JD Sports GIft Card?

You choose how much you want to give, place your order with us and the recipient redeems the card on the JD Sports website. 

How can I redeem the JD Sports Gift Card?

You can redeem your gift card online on the JD Sports website or instore.


How can I check the balance of the JD Sports Gift Card?

Checking the balance of your gift card is easy. Just enter the JD Sports voucher code from the back of the card on the jdsports.co.uk website and you’ll see your balance instantly.

How long do JD Sports Gift Cards last?

You can redeem the JD Sports Gift Card for up to 1 year from the purchase date.

How the JD Sports voucher works

You select the amount you wish to give as a gift with a JD Sports voucher and order it online. The recipient will receive your present in their inbox or the post. They then get to choose a set of brand-new sports gear – thanks to you!  

More about the JD Sports e voucher

The JD Sports Gift Card is the gift of choice. It’s never easy to know what to buy someone who loves mountain biking, rugby or going to the gym. Let them choose a pair of shorts, a cosy sweatshirt or a new gym bag. Not sure what to buy a football fan to celebrate a special event? With the JD Sports Gift Card, they can choose their favourite team’s strip to show their support. 

Occasions for the JD Sports e gift card

If you’ve no idea what to give a sports lover for their birthday, graduation or retirement get them a JD Sports Gift Card – they’re sure to appreciate it. Has your boyfriend’s favourite team won the cup? Celebrate the win and give him a JD Sports Gift Card!