Travel Gift Card

Travel Gift Card

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  • Available to order in amounts of £10 to £500

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The Travel Gift Card is a fantastic choice for any occasion. From a relaxing beach holiday to an adventurous excursion, this versatile gift card provides the recipient with the flexibility to plan the perfect trip. And tailor it to their unique preferences.

The Travel Gift Card offers several advantages for travellers. It allows you to pay for parts of your trip in advance, which can help with budgeting. Additionally, it makes it possible to take advantage of extra discounts, bonuses, and promotions offered by travel merchants.

The Travel Gift Card is a prepaid card that is incredibly convenient and straightforward to use. Send it directly to the recipient by email, and the lucky recipient can redeem it on the website of Here they can book travel services like flights, hotels, and other holiday packages. Giving them a gift of choice and adventure, while ensuring a memorable and personalised travel experience.

Frequently asked questions

How does the Travel Gift Card work?

Getting your Travel Gift Card is easy. Visit and click ‘Redeem Choice Gift Card,’ then enter your 19-digit card number, enter your details, and follow the instructions on the screen to complete your order. Click here for more on how to redeem your gift card

How do I check my Travel Gift Card balance?

You can check your Travel Gift Card balance by entering the 19-digit code in the balance check section. You can find the voucher code in your email. A new window will open, showing the value of the gift card.

How can I use the Travel Gift Card?

To use the Travel Gift Card go to and enter the 19-digit code that you can find in the voucher of the Travel Gift Card. A new window will open, showing the value of the gift card. In addition, on this page you will see a list of gift cards for which you can redeem the Travel Gift Card. It is possible to redeem the full value of your Travel Gift Card for one other gift card, but if you see two or three different gift cards you like, then you can spend the value on more than one gift card.

Do I need to activate the Travel Gift Card?

There is no activation required. The Travel Gift Card is ready to use as soon as it is received.

Why you should give someone the Travel Gift Card

Unlike traditional gifts, a Travel Gift Card provides the recipient with a world of opportunity. Allowing you to craft and plan your dream holiday or a quick city break. A travel voucher gift card is an exceptional gift. Not only for birthdays and anniversaries but the perfect reward for a special and valued employee as well. Enabling recipients to explore their ideal destinations, you give the gift of unforgettable memories that will always be cherished.

In conclusion, the Travel Gift Card is an exceptional treat. Not only for travel enthusiasts but anyone looking for adventure or in need of a well-deserved break. Offering unparalleled flexibility, choice, and convenience. 

Give this travel voucher as a business gift

A Travel Gift Card also provides business possibilities, aligning with corporate values of well-being, appreciation, and personal growth. Beyond traditional gifts, the travel voucher can provide employees with the gift of relaxation. Enhancing their productivity and promoting a good work-life balance. The Travel Gift Card is also an outstanding choice for clients and business partners, encouraging cultural exploration.

And by allowing recipients to tailor their trips, the gift becomes both personal and meaningful. Making it an excellent and thoughtful company present. By investing in travel gift cards a company can demonstrate their commitment to enriching the lives of their employees. Not only to job satisfaction but to strengthening professional relationships as well.

Send this gift card directly to the receiver

Sending a Travel Gift Card directly to the recipient is a breeze. You can order the gift card online and fill in the email address of the recipient. We will ensure it arrives promptly in their post inbox, ready to be used for their next adventure.. This feature is, in particular, useful for last-minute personalised gifts. Or for sending a present to someone living far away.