Top 10 gifts for men

22 March 2024

Are you looking for the perfect gift for the man in your life? Whether you’re seeking to surprise your brother, boyfriend, neighbour, colleague, or granddad, with our top 10 gifts for men you’ll be sure to find the best tips for thoughtful and suitable gifts in various categories.

Is your dad celebrating his work anniversary? Is your brother getting married? No matter what the occasion is, this top 10 will provide you with loads of inspiration to find that perfect gift for him!

Gadgets and technology

Is the man in your life always interested in the latest gadgets or looking to make his life easier with modern technology? Then a gadget makes for the perfect gift. Does he enjoy running whilst listening to his favourite music? Surprise him with wireless earbuds from Asos. Or perhaps your dad is always sharply dressed, then a smartwatch from Decathlon would be the finishing touch to his look.

Stylish and useful, perfect for men that want to stay up to date and look amazing while doing so. Another great technology gift is a tablet. WIth an All-in-1 Choice gift card he can choose his favourite store to buy one. Great to work or to stay up to date with his socials on, or visit Harrods for an e-reader, so he can bring his favourite reads everywhere. These special gifts for men will bring him one step further into our digital world!

Stylish gifts for men

A great gift that’s always appreciated is a gift that suits his style. Is he into sports, then sport shoes or a new kit from brands like Nike or Adidas will make him shine! Or does your father, brother, or best friend dress sharp for work every day? Then gift him with luxury accessories like cufflinks, a leather wallet or a great tie that will make him look even more handsome.

Are you having trouble choosing? Then a gift card is the perfect choice. No matter if you’re looking for a gift for a young man or for your granddad, with a gift card of their favourite boutique or clothing store they can choose their own preferred brand and style!

Outdoor and adventurous gifts

Do you have a birthday of an outdoor person coming up then surprise him with durable outdoor gifts! These cool gifts for men will make his nature-loving heart skip a beat. Does he love camping, then treat him to new camping gear, cooking utensils to use outdoors or a new, extra-comfy sleeping bag!

And does he like to make hikes on his outdoor adventure? Hiking shoes, durable socks, or survival tools to keep his camping trip safe make for the perfect gift. Not only will he appreciate a gift that is tailored to his needs, he’ll also enjoy his outdoor trips even more. Win-win!

Personalised gifts

With a personalized gift you add a little extra thought and consideration to your gift. A personalized gift forms an extra special memento to for example a wedding anniversary or housewarming party. Engraved cufflinks for example, great for your uncle, or personalized keychains for your son’s football team, a photo album to celebrate the long lasting friendship with your best friend.

Or choose a fun gift for men like your favorite teacher. Have a t-shirt printed with ‘I survived the class of (date)’ and he’ll definitely remember his class forever. You can make a personalized gift as unique or elaborate as you wish, the options are abundant: coffee mugs, calendars, socks, you name it!

Culinary delights

Is your kitchen always occupied because your man loves cooking and trying out new recipes, then these special gifts for men who love to cook will be a winner. New kitchen equipment or the latest cookbook from his favourite chef, a gift basket with a selection of herbs to make his creations even more flavourful.

Another great gift for a foodie is a wine tasting or cooking class. Making his own pasta, baking cakes, or trying out wines to go with his self-prepared dinner? Check! And do you have no idea what he likes? A restaurant gift card, a gift card for a culinary experience or his favourite food store will have you scoring points!

Relaxation gifts

Is your best friend always in a hurry or is your boyfriend going through a rough time at work, then a relaxation gift will give them some much needed me-time. Think of a pass for a day at the spa. Enjoying the sauna, perhaps a massage, some soothing time in the swimming pool… All the stress will melt  like snow before the sun.

Is a sauna day not his ‘thing’, then a wellness voucher makes for a great gift. With it he can book various massages or beauty treatments and let himself be completely pampered. After a day like that, he’ll be ready to conquer the world again!

When seeking cool gifts for men it’s important to know what they’re hobbies are. A gift that suits their hobby will be extra appreciated as they will enjoy their favourite activity even more!

Think of golf clubs or personalized golf balls for your colleague who’s always on the green, vinyl records for the music fan next door, new brushes, and paint for your dad to indulge in his passion for painting or a book gift for your brother to enjoy the latest young-adult novel. Watch his eyes light up when you surprise him. Bet he can’t wait to enjoy his hobby!


Books and literature

Books allow him to immerse himself into new worlds. Whether the man you want to surprise enjoys comics, the latest Scandinavian crime novel or classic romance novels, a book is always a winner! Is his book closet already bursting and does he already have a huge to-read pile on his nightstand? Then a (personalized) bookmark, reading lamp, or perhaps even an extra book closet will add to his reading fun!

Or bring him into the digital book era with an e-reader or a gift card for ebooks. No matter what type of books he enjoys, adding to his reading passion will put a big smile on his face!

Cultural event gifts

Gifts that stay in the memory forever are extra special gifts. Let your dad, uncle, friend, or colleague make memories during a fun event and he’ll remember your gift for a long time to come. How about festival tickets to one of his favourite festivals, concert tickets to go see his favourite artist, or perhaps he’s a huge movie fan and tickets to the cinema would fill his heart with joy.

Is he into culture? Then tickets to a museum or to a beautiful theatre to watch the opera or his favourite play will make for a relaxing and fun gift! Who knows, you might get to join him! Now that’s what we call a win-win situation!


Last-Minute gifts

Are you invited to a birthday, anniversary, or other festive occasion at the very last minute? This calls for a last-minute gift! There’s no time to go to the shops to seek that perfect gift for the host, you need a quick gift that will also be appreciated. Don’t panic! With a gift card you can easily and quickly gift one of the best gifts for men.

A gift card for sports items, a wine gift card, book voucher, gift card for flowers or a choice gift card, The options are endless. A gift card allows the recipient to choose something that truly suits them, regardless of their interests. In addition, offers a wide range of gift cards in various categories, ensuring there’s something suitable for everyone!