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What are e-gift cards and how do they work?

An e-gift card is a virtual voucher you send by email. You decide which e-gift card to give and it’ll land in the recipient’s inbox within an hour with What a great way to say thank you, happy birthday or I love you! You can choose a general e-gift card, like shopping, travel or restaurants, or make it more personal, such as a voucher for a favourite store, bar or coffee shop. The beauty of e-gift cards is they’re a flexible choice for all kinds of gifts.

Buy e-gift cards online instantly

Where can you buy the best e-gift cards? At of course! You can buy e-gift cards online instantly and they’ll arrive with the recipient within an hour of you placing your order. Perfect if a special occasion has slipped your mind. Order on the go from your mobile or laptop or from your office or home.

Sending e-gift cards directly to the recipient

We can send e-gift cards directly to your mum, sister, best friend or partner no matter where they live. Whoever you want to surprise with an e-gift card just needs an email address. For birthdays, Christmas, anniversaries, engagements… or any other special occasion, e-gift cards are the easy way to send a present.

How long do e-gift cards take to send?

When you buy e-gift cards with we’ll send the card to the recipient’s email address within an hour. All you have to do is select a card, choose an amount and provide the e-mail address. Plus, you can send a special message for just £0.99. 

E-gift vouchers as business gifts

Want to engage more with your clients? Consider giving them e-gift vouchers as a business gift to show your appreciation. You can tailor the gift card to suit the business (sports, fashion, wine, for example) or give a food gift card or experience gift card as a wider option. E-gift cards also make the perfect gift for loyal and hardworking employees. Why not give the gift of choice with an e-gift voucher? Much more exciting than a box of chocolates! 

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