Uber Eats Gift Card

Uber Eats Gift Card

  • To spend on the entire range of Uber Eats

  • Digital gift card delivered directly to your email

  • Available to order in amounts of £15 to £150

  • This gift voucher doesn't expire

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The Uber Eats Gift Card is ideal if you need to give a quick gift (especially if you’ve forgotten a birthday!). It’s so quick and easy to send the card. All you do is fill in the recipient’s details, pick a gift card and select the amount. We’ll take care of the rest and ensure your loved one gets their Uber Eats Gift Card in their inbox on the date you specify. Whether it’s their birthday, promotion, anniversary or you just want to cheer someone up the Uber Eats Gift Card is the perfect present for someone who cares about what they eat, whether it’s fine dining or fast food. The card is a great way to try out new flavours too. The app and website make it easy to choose by category: Middle Eastern, Deli, Modern French, Sushi, Organic, Juices and Smoothies, Pub, Irish… the list is endless. There’s even a Comfort Food section for when you’re in need of a hug (or a burger!). And one last thing – you can even do your supermarket shop or buy alcohol with the Uber Eats Gift Card.

Frequently asked questions

How to use Uber credits on Uber Eats?

To utilize Uber credits for Uber Eats, simply proceed with your order. During the checkout process, ensure that the button next to "Uber credits" is toggled to the left and displays green.

What is Uber credit?

Uber Credit is a monetary balance credited to your account, which you can apply to particular orders.

Do Uber Eats gift cards expire?

You can redeem your Uber Eats gift card within one year from the date of purchase.

Where to buy Uber Eats gift card?

You can buy Uber Eats gift cards at giftcard.co.uk

Uber Eats Gift Card

Calling all food lovers! Share your love for delicious dining with an Uber Eats Gift Card. This is a fantastic way to treat family, friends and loved ones to a tasty breakfast, lunch or dinner. In today’s fast-paced world convenience is key, especially when it comes to food. The Uber Eats Gift Card offers you everything you can think of, from Fast Food to Mexican or Japanese. You can guarantee an Uber Eats Gift Card will put a smile on the face of whoever receives it. Why not send a student an Uber Eats Gift Card so they can indulge in a healthy breakfast, pizza for dinner or a succulent sausage roll when they’ve got the munchies? Do you have a friend who loves Asian cuisine? They’ll thank you for an Uber Eats Gift Card when they order a Thai curry or a Poke bowl. An Uber Eats Gift Card is a great present to give someone tasty memories. And who knows - they might even choose to use the gift card when you’re next round!

Give a Uber Eats Gift Card

One of the best things about an Uber Eats Gift Card is the choice that the recipient has access to! They can order from a massive variety of restaurants depending on where they live. Whether it’s samosa or burger night or if they should try that kebab shop they’ve been walking past every day – the choices are endless. There are also plenty of options for vegetarians and vegans to choose from. Do you know someone who works from home and doesn’t have time to eat lunch? Or a single person who can´t be bothered to make dinner? Give them an Uber Eats Gift Card and introduce them to the world of food delivery and pick-up without them having to cook. The Uber Eats Gift Card provides enough choice to satisfy any craving, from fish and chips to a slice of Mississippi mud pie or a Subway packed with a mouth-watering filling. You can access all the big brands like KFC, Pizza Hut and McDonalds, as well as many independent cafés and restaurants.