Father's Day gift guide: the best gift ideas for your father or husband

04 June 2024

Father's Day is the perfect occasion to show appreciation to our fathers, partners, or the best grandad. From personalised presents, and tech-savvy sports equipment, to gifting the shirt or shoes he has worn for the longest time, this list of Father's Day gift ideas will spark your inspiration.

Our Father's Day gift guide will help you find the gift he deserves and suits his specific interests.

10 gift ideas for your father

Are you still scratching your head, over what to get your dad for Father's Day? Our top 10 list of Father's Day gift ideas in the UK will make your search a breeze. Save yourself heaps of time and put a smile on his face. Even if he insists he needs nothing at all. Our gift ideas for your father will show, you can find something special for every dad.  

1. Personalised photo gifts

Custom presents are our number one pick for a memorable and thoughtful celebration of Father's Day. Surprise a proud father or grandad with a personalised gift like a custom mug. Make a collection of your most cherished family moments for a photo album, and most photo programmes will do the rest of the work for you. Personalised Father's Day gifts are presents the whole family can enjoy.


2. For the practical dad

Practical dads want to select something they need or are actively interested in. Buying your father a new stack of underwear or socks might feel counterintuitive. But if you choose the premium version of his favourite socks, this might be an excellent choice and the definition of a practical present. And if your father's hobby is repairing bikes, the Halfords Gift Card is a Father's Day gift the entire family will appreciate.


3. For the food-loving father

If your dad loves fine dining with great company, consider treating him to a dinner. Whether he fancies a meal at Wagamama, Pizza Hut, Browns, or Ask Italian. With the Restaurant Gift Card, he can pick his favourite spot to dine from a vast selection of UK restaurants. From a Sunday roast to delicious seafood, this gift card will make his day by giving him a well-deserved night off from cooking.


4. Outdoor gifts

For the more outdoorsy and adventurous father, there are plenty of gift options. Like binoculars, luxury sunglasses, a rain jacket, or even a fresh supply of quality socks to burn through. Also, an e-gift card like the Clarks Gift Card is an excellent choice if our father's advanced hiking boots are starting to look a bit well-loved after years of heavy service.


5. Sports gear gifts

Whether he’s always on the move or just starting his fitness journey, Sports gear is a winner as a gift. For the avid gym-goer or fitness enthusiast, the Sports Direct Gift Card will let him pick the perfect equipment or apparel for his workouts.


6. Garden gifts

We are all for boosting local biodiversity and creating a vital space for nature. If your father or grandad has a garden, visit one of the 2,000 connected UK garden centres or shops together. And gift him a beautiful birdhouse for his feathered friends with The National Garden Gift Card.

7. For the tech-savvy dad

Is your father crazy about electronics, and does he like staying up-to-date with the latest gadgets? Then celebrate your tech-loving dad with a tech gift. From the latest smartphone accessories to smart home devices, the John Lewis Gift Card will surely offer the man who appreciates quality and choice, something he will love.

9. The adventurous dad

For the dad who loves exploring, gifting a day trip is the perfect way to create a memorable experience. If you want to gift the adventurous dad quality time with his family, The Virgin Experience Days Gift Card is an excellent choice. From sightseeing in London to taking an unforgettable flight in a hot air balloon, let him choose where to indulge his adventurous spirit.

10. The gift of relaxation

Our second favourite pick for our top 10 gift ideas for Father's Day is something any husband can appreciate: the gift of relaxation. With an Inspire TravelCard Gift Card, he can book a weekend at a hotel for a well-deserved break, and enjoy quality time together with you for Father's Day.


The best first Fathers Day gift ideas

Surprise a dad-to-be with something he didn’t know he needed but soon will find invaluable. A thermos or insulated mug is a great first Fathers Day gift idea, as it is hard to imagine that drinking your well-earned cup of tea or coffee, while hot, is a unique moment with a newborn. But this proud papa-to-be will thank you sooner than later.

Another perfect choice, when searching for 1st Fathers Day gifts, are books offering tips and advice about fatherhood. Bedside educational, this is also a comforting gift choice for a new dad. Look for titles that are well-reviewed and that provide practical insights. And get a dad-to-be prepared for the exciting journey ahead.

A dad-to-be deserves the best gift as well

The best gift for a dad-to-be, and something only experienced dads know you cannot go without, is a stylish backpack. Choose one he can use to organise the never-ending list of things, when out with a baby. And one that is fashionable enough that he can also use it on other occasions.

Something especially UK dads will care about is being protected from the elements when taking the kids out on a stroll. Trust that he will be thinking of you, in his high-quality outerwear, when it is raining outside and howling with the wind.

Soft, comfortable loungewear is another perfect pick to make those sleepless nights more bearable. Look for materials like cotton or bamboo that are gentle on the skin and provide maximum comfort.

If you are still out of ideas about what to get for Father's Day after reading this guide, then you can’t go wrong with the All-in-1 Choice Gift Card.

Happy shopping and Happy Father's Day!