Clarks Gift Card

Clarks Gift Card

  • To spend on the entire range of Clarks

  • Digital gift card delivered directly to your email

  • Available to order in amounts of £10 to £150

  • This gift voucher can be used up to 2 years after issuing

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Have a loved one with a serious shoe problem? You’ve just found the perfect gift! A Clarks Gift Card. This well-known high street brand has a great range of shoes, boots, bags and accessories for all occasions and your loved one will adore a little shopping trip to pick out their favourites thanks to you. Clarks shoes have collections for men, women and children and styles from the most practical to the most extravagant, so whether their idea of gorgeous footwear is stilettos or sandals, wellies or wedges, they’re bound to find something they love. Give the gift of a Clarks Gift Card and watch them rework their wardrobe with new season looks gift cards make the best presents because you know your loved one will end up with something they love and will wear again and again. Give the gift of comfortable, stylish footwear with a Clarks Gift Card today!

Frequently asked questions

Can you use Clarks gift card online?

No, at the moment it is not possible to use the Clarks gift card online.

Can I buy a Clarks gift card online?

Yes you can, it is possible to buy the Clarks gift card online.

Where can I buy a Clarks gift card?

You can buy a Clarks gift card at

Does Clarks do gift cards?

Yes, Clarks offers the possibility to buy gift cards.

Clarks Gift Card

Struggling to find the ideal gift for your loved ones? Look no further than a Clarks Gift Card. Everyone knows at least one shoe lover and Clarks has an excellent collection of footwear and accessories for all styles and occasions. Even if your loved one isn’t that into fashion, they still need shoes and this way they can treat themselves to exactly what they need, from hiking boots to evening shoes, smart work shoes or trainers to wear to the gym. With a Clarks Gift Card you’re giving the gift of choice and letting your loved one choose from a wide range of stylish, comfortable shoes and bags. Choosing any item of clothing or footwear can be wrought with difficulty unless you know the person really well. What size do they need? What style and materials do they prefer? What do they already have in their wardrobe to go with it? Making that choice for them can be tricky, but with a Clarks Gift Card you’re giving them the freedom to choose. Even if you have the answers to all the questions above, a gift card can still be a better option, you just can’t tell how comfortable a pair of shoes are until they’ve been tried on. Better still? Your loved one will also get to enjoy a great day out shopping and spending the gift card, you could even offer to accompany them and make a day of it. Any fashionista is going to love that! 

Give an Clarks Gift Card

Clarks is known for its high-quality leather shoes, school shoes, on-trend shoes, boots, trainers, wellies and more. Clarks shoes are built to last using high-quality materials. It’s not all about footwear either, Clarks also have an amazing array of handbags and other accessories for adding that perfect finishing touch to any outfit. Clarks Gift Cards can be loaded with any amount from £10 to £150 pound so select the shopping spree to suit your budget. You can opt for a digital gift card delivered in minutes or a quick-delivery physical card if you prefer. Gift cards make amazing last-minute gifts!