Tripgift Gift Card

Tripgift Gift Card

  • Tripgift has partnerships with some of the world's most trusted travel brands

  • There's something for absolutely everyone, with over 1.5 million travel experiences available to choose from

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There’s no greater feeling than receiving a unique present that allows you to choose your own gift. Enter the Tripgift Gift Card – perfect for anyone who loves to travel, at home or abroad. The lucky recipient can choose from a vast selection of travel options with a Tripgift Gift Card – a Caribbean cruise, a skiing trip to the Alps, or a cosy cottage in the Scottish Highlands.  

Frequently asked questions

How to use the Tripgift card?

You choose the card and the amount on our website and we’ll take care of the rest once you’ve placed your order. The recipient will receive their Tripgift Gift Card by email or in the post.  

How can I redeem the TripGift Gift Card?

Redeeming the Tripgift Gift Card is easy. You just enter the details on the Tripgift website when you’ve selected your gift from the 1.5 million products (yes, you read that right – 1.5 million trips and experiences to choose from!) 

How can I check the balance of the Tripgift Gift Card?

Just enter the Tripgift voucher code from the back of the card on the website and you’ll see your balance instantly.  

How long is the Tripgift Gift Card valid?

Tripgift voucher codes are valid for one year.

How the Tripgift Gift Card works

Once you’ve ordered the Tripgift Gift Card it will be delivered to the recipient’s inbox or by post. They can then decide where and when they wish to travel – a romantic weekend away, a summer holiday, a fun experience… anything’s possible with a Tripgift Gift Card. 

More about the Tripgift Gift Card

Perhaps you want to send a Tripgift Gift Card to a family member for their wedding anniversary, to a friend to say thanks or to your partner to say I Love You. Whatever the occasion, the Tripgift Gift Card is the perfect way to achieve your bucket list dreams. Jungle trekking in the Amazon, sailing in the South of France, camping in the Lake District… the world is your oyster with a Tripgift Gift Card. 

Occasions for the Tripgift gift voucher

Give a Tripgift Gift Card to someone who’s about to travel the world, a couple who want to get away, your parents’ wedding anniversary… the possibilities are endless. The Tripgift voucher makes a great present for all occasions – leaving work, achieving a goal, passing exams – the recipient is sure to love their present, whether they enjoy holidaying at home or abroad.