Holly Health Gift Card

Holly Health Gift Card

  • Prioritize wellness with the Holly Health Gift Card

  • Choose from a variety of wellness services and products

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Get the health fanatic in your life a Holly Health Gift Card for their birthday or Christmas and give them something they really want. Holly Health is all about looking after yourself and staying healthy. In today’s busy world wellbeing is key, and the Holly Health Gift Card can help a loved one stay fit and healthy.

Frequently asked questions

How does the Holly Health Gift Card work?

Once you’ve ordered the Holly Health Gift Card it will be delivered to the recipient’s inbox or by post. They can then download the app on the Holly Health website and start managing their wellbeing.

How can I redeem the Holly Health Gift Card?

All you do visit the Holly Health website, download the app and redeem the card.

How can I check the balance of the Holly Health Gift Card?

Checking the balance of your gift card is easy. Just enter the digit Holly Health code from the back of the card on the app and you’ll see your balance instantly.

How long does the Holly Health card last?

Holly Health voucher codes are valid for 1 year from the date of purchase.

How to activate the Holly Health Gift Card?

To activate your Holly Health Gift Card, simply visit their website or app and enter the unique code found on the card.


What is the Holly Health?

Holly Health is a personalised, digital health coaching app, designed to support people to develop sustainable health behaviours, aiming to reduce the risk of developing chronic diseases.



How the Holly Health Gift Card works

The recipient can use their Holly Health Gift Card to purchase the Holly Health app and start living their best life. From improving daily habits to health support and monitoring, you’ll be giving the gift of self-help.

More about the Holly Health Gift Card

From helping women deal with menopause to caring for your body as you get older, the Holly Health Gift Card offers many wellbeing solutions. Meditation, weight management, mindfulness… the Holly Health app covers them all. The Holly Health Gift Card is perfect for anyone who leads a busy life or could do with a boost to their health management.

Occasions for the Holly Health gift voucher

Maybe you know someone who’s been unwell and you’d like to help them. Or perhaps your best friend is pregnant or your son is a sports fanatic. Give them a Holly Health Gift Card and offer a useful solution to their wellbeing, instead of the usual boring presents.