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Airline Gift

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  • Available to order in amounts of £30 to £500

  • This gift voucher can be used up to 12 months after issuing

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Did you know airline gift vouchers were a thing? We can’t believe more people haven’t heard of them. Airline Gift is the leading supplier of Airline Gift vouchers. This means access to all your favourite airlines and holidays, over 450 airlines to be precise. Airlines you can trust to get you where you want to go in comfort. Airline Gift vouchers are brilliant for everyone from couples to families to young people who are just starting to explore the world. We all want great memories to grow old with and giving an airline gift voucher is a helping hand to a rich life. It’s quick and easy to order your airline vouchers and they’ll land in your inbox ready for gifting in minutes. What are you waiting for? Let someone take flight and give them the gift of travel today! 

Frequently asked questions

Can you buy Airline Gift cards?

Yes you can, you can buy them on

Do Airline Gift cards expire?

Yes, the Airline Gift card will expire in 12 months after purchase.

How much is on my Airline gift voucher?

You can go the the website of Airline Gifts to check the balance of your gift card.

What is Airline Gift?

Airline Gift is a service that offers gift vouchers for various airlines, allowing recipients to use them toward flight bookings.

Airline Gift

Buy a loved one the gift of travel. Who wouldn’t love a discount on their next holiday or flight? A gift voucher to help you see the world. The Airline Gift voucher can be used with over 450 different airlines and on any journey, a tropical holiday to a far-flung destination, a cosmopolitan city break for a weekend away and even towards a package holiday. The Airline Gift flight voucher could help your loved one to winter sun, a new adventure or even just to go and visit friends abroad. Can you picture them yet? A big smile on their face skiing down the Alps and thinking gratefully of all those who helped them get there? Know a student planning a year out to travel. An Airline Gift voucher would bring them so much joy and adventure. How about a couple getting married? Most young couples don’t need household items these days, but an Airline Gift voucher is an excellent choice for a wedding gift. Imagine the happy couple’s surprise if you shared the idea with several other guests. You can each buy vouchers to help the happy couple with their dream honeymoon or anniversary trip. We recommend Airline Gift vouchers for big birthdays, anniversaries and graduations gifts too.  

Give an Airline Gift voucher

When you buy an Airline Gift voucher it’s emailed straight to your inbox. No need to wait around for delivery, so it’s a perfect last-minute option for when you’re out of both ideas and time. Flight vouchers are a gift that opens up the world. Give the person you’re buying for incredible memories to last them a lifetime. If you know someone who likes to travel then you know they’ll be truly touched by a gift that helps them do more of what they love, even in a small way. One really cool thing about an airline gift voucher is that it gives someone the flexibility and freedom to choose exactly what they want. Meaning it’s ideal for those who are difficult to buy for or who don’t really like a lot of stuff.